Designing promotional banners for your Social Media Branding & others


Right now businesses are booming through the social media, and people are taking huge advantages of the services to make their company as profitable as possible. Therefore, this calls for advertises which are necessary in order to gain more reach to the customers hence, social media banners plays a huge role in it. Consisting of every detail designed in it, with proper elements so that it can easily catch the eyes of the buyers.


Social media branding & its importance

Through social media it is easier to brand a company, using different ways of advertising which not only lets the business gain customers but it also helps to promote their products and services in a sophisticated and unique way. This will drive and aware more consumers towards the brand, helping to establish the business in the marketplace, through being consistent in promoting themselves. One should be very clear about their aim of branding oneself, they should know why they want to advertise themselves, what they do, who their targeted audience are and how effortlessly their goals can be achieved through social media branding.


Well branding opens up a diverse amount of options for designers to come up with more unique methods and techniques, to grab the attention of people. Like logos, image, boosting post, sharing in groups and other platforms, social media banners etc.


What are Banners?

Banner advertising is the easiest source of attracting people, they come of different sizes and styles. Banners can be either made of cloth, PVC paper or web based in the form of image, which consists of the product image, social media accounts like webpages or links, any type of slogan or message relevant to the content, the logo of the brand etc.

Using this form of advert companies can promote them more straightforwardly as they are an effective media to increase recognition, affordable, can be measured and gives a distinct look. This piece holds everything that a firm wants to present to their purchaser in a combined and confined way.


Elements that a banner contain


Banners can be designed in various ways, with elements that are required by the clients. However, a standard banner should have the following in order to work properly and allure clients, these are


  • Fonts size & style ( large, trouble-free text to read and understand)
  • Focused message ( as straightforward as possible)
  • Proper layout
  • Appropriate image
  • Smart and insightful background themes
  • Use of relevant colors
  • Use of minimal text
  • Create an attention-seizing design
  • Print quality and affordable



Now let’s talk about the pros of social media banner advertising, well to be more exact this medium has more benefits then demerits. Moving on to the benefits of using banners for adverts are


• Higher visibility percentage and more sales
• Easy and fast to design
• Cost friendly
• Major use of graphics and animation (resulting in portraying the products clearly)
• Associates customers easily
• Convenient tools for any form of announcement or ads
• Nature friendly (as less use of paper)
• Easily blends in with the content of the website
• Doesn’t hold a lot of information
• Direct and has a call to action nature


Benefits you would get from us


We are providing vast amount of design samples as well as including preferences from clients as well. You will be directly working with the experts, therefore good communication and understanding of your requirements and our visual perspective will be provided. Moreover, we will be providing social media banners for the listed social medias:-


• Facebook (advertise banner + boosting posts)
• Instagram
• YouTube
• Pinterest(pin banner)
• Twitter
• LinkedIn
• Etsy


This will not only help you to advertise your business but would allow you to have more sales, as our main focus would be to get our clients the maximum promotion as possible through a proper defined banners or ads, in an affordable price range.


Sizes and Customization Properties

Sizes and Customization Properties Well there is abundance amount of sizes available from standard ones to customizable ones. Standard sizes of banner would be like

• Vertical Banner (120/240pixels)
• Billboard (970/250pixels)
• Standard Banner (468/60pixels)
• Half Banner (234/60pixels)
• Portrait (300/1050pixels)
• Large Leaderboard (970/90pixels)
• Square (250/250pixels)
• Small Rectangle (180/150pixels)
• Small Square ( 200/200pixels)
• Skyscraper (120/600pixels)
• Large Rectangle (336/280pixels)
• Leaderboard (728/90pixels)
• Medium Rectangle (300/250pixels)
• X-banner ( 60/160cm or 80/180cm)
• Pull-up banner (80/100cm or 85/200cm)

Types of other advertises in social media platforms are also available such

• Music Flyer
• Animated Instagram Copper Stories
• Facebook Sale Banners
• Podcast Talks Show Cover

You can customize as you want starting from putting colors, fonts (style and size), text message, image, background suggestion, links etc. We always prioritize our clients’ needs and work according to it no matter what. However, the design experts will always be there to guide you through, and talk you out to make your idea into a visual representation. To recapitulate, social media banners are now the most effective and quick way to gain people. A constant posting would help the page or service to mark themselves in the business field and brand themselves worldwide as well as in the nation. It is therefore the first impression for any website or page to allow huge amount of viewers to understand the services and goods.

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